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New Products

At WOODBED CORP we are always trying to service all our customer’s needs. By keeping an open mind to growing market trends we try to stay ahead of the curve at all times and by adding these new products we believe we have done just that!

Double Ground Mulch

  • With the addition of our non-dyed “Double Ground Mulch”, we now offer the best of both worlds; Cost oriented and Quality oriented non-dyed product. I know what you’re thinking, “don’t they already offer double ground mulch?” YES, actually we do. The double ground that we currently offer is of a premium quality and is AGED, Double Ground Hardwood Bark. YES we are going to still offer this product. We have now just added a more cost effective product. This product is still very high quality virgin fiber, will look the same from first load to last, and is guaranteed to be there the NEXT day!

Silt Sock

  • Taking our Filter Fiber #3 to the next level, we now offer Shrink Wrapped, Palletized, Biodegradable and Filled Silt Sock! Available in 8” x 150’ and 12” x 85’. Filled with our PA State Certified Filter Fiber #3 (Specs Available), this is a very high quality product priced very affordably!

Fresh Hardwood Bark

  • Made from the same raw material as the product above, this product is not processed and shipped directly from one of our suppliers. Originally only available from March through February, we are now extending it to all year. Just like all our mulch products, it is guaranteed next day and will be consistent throughout the mulch season.
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NEW Shrink Wrapped, Palletized, and Filled Silt Sock

         NEW Economical Double Ground Mulch