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Mobile Grinding

Are you a green waste collection site? Do you have unsightly brush piles at your location or yard? Yard space is at a premium and having green waste or brush hogging up your yard is LOST PROFITS and space. Let us take care of your brush piles by turning them into a finished product that you can sell or use at a high profit.

The efficiency of our mobile grinders allows us to be able to product finished products already on your location for $2-$3 PER YARD. Whether brush, pallets, or other wood products, we can handle your grinding needs.

Grinder Capabilities:    
 Primary Grind-
  • Brush and Green Waste
  • Tree Trimmings
  • Pallets and Wood Waste
  • Any and all types of wood products

  •  Regrind previously ground product into a final product to be sold or used.


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