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  1. Take SR-219 South from Bradford.
  2. Stay on SR-219 to Johnsonburg (35 miles).
  3. Travel through Johnsonburg, as you leave town, look for the left hand turn onto 255 South to Saint Marys.
  4. Before you get into Saint Marys, you will notice a passing lane. At the end of the passing lane, turn left onto Taft Road, and then travel approximately 2 miles to the stop sign.
  5. At the stop sign, turn right (old convenience store on your right).
  6. Travel a short distance -- you will come upon a fork ijn the road -- turn left.
  7. Follow approximately 1 mile -- then turn on the first road on the left, DeLaum Road.
  8. Turn left onto DeLaum Road, THE WOODBED CORP is the third business on the right.
  1. From downtown Dubois, or Ramp 101 on I-80, take SR-255 North to Saint Marys.
  2. Proceed to the stop sign in the center of downtown Saint Marys (just past Gunners Restaurant on your right).
  3. Follow signs to SR-255 North. Proceed up over the railroad tracks.
  4. At the traffic light by the theatre, turn right to the next traffic light.
  5. At this traffic light, turn right onto Washington Street and follow the signs to Industrial Park.
  6. Travel approximately 2 miles -- (passing Osram Sylvania on your left). You will then come to a fork in the road.
  7. At the fork, turn left (passing a car wash and a used car dealership).
  8. Turn right onto the first road on your right-- DeLaum Road.
  9. THE WOODBED CORP is the third buiness on the right.
  1. Take SR-120 West from Emporium.
  2. Once in Saint Marys, proceed through 2 traffic lights.
  3. At the third traffic light, turn right and go up over the railroad tracks to the traffic light at the theatre.
  4. Turn right at the traffic light by the theatre.
  5. Follow directions about (From the South -- Dubois) starting with #5.
  1. From downtown Ridgway, follow signs for SR-120 EAST to Saint Marys.
  2. Once in Saint Marys, at the traffic light (at intersection with SR-255), turn lefft onto SR-255 North.
  3. Travel approximately 200 yards to the stop sign.
  4. Follow directions above starting with #3.