virgin wood fiber

Wood Fiber Products

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Harvested locally and manufactured using virgin wood fiber, our products are of a very high quality. Our hardworking, dedicated family will exceed all expectations.


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Digging Dirt


PREMIUM landscape mulches manufactured from virgin fiber.
Wood Carpet


State certified playground surface that minimizes damages from falls.

Wood Chips

Clean yard chips manufactured using quality material at competitive rates.
Digging Mulch

Filter Fiber

State certified solidification and silt sock media.

Woodbed Corp.

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WOODBED CORP, located in rural Saint Marys, Pennsylvania is a premium wood product supplier and trucking company.

Our wood products are some of the highest quality in the tri-state area with a concentration in premium bark mulch. Containing virgin fiber, we guarantee each load to be consistent, uniform, and uncontaminated.

With our own trucking fleet and 30 years in the trucking business we will offer competitive rates with unbeatable service and reliability. Our employees and truckers are dedicated to our company and the service we provide. We will work until the early hours of the morning to ensure efficient, clean, reliable delivery.