Premium Wholesale Mulch Supplier

There are two things that make our mulch some of the highest quality in the tri-state area:

1) We are located in rural Elk County, PA, where high quality bark raw material is abundant and

2) We have 15 years’ experience honing our manufacturing process to an exact science. 

Our dyed and undyed mulches are 100% virgin fiber (no reprocessed pallets or C + D material) with a high concentration of bark. This leads to a long lasting fade resistant product that will accentuate any landscape and stand the test of time and weather.


These have been aged no less than 6 months before being sold, giving it a beautiful natural dark color.
  • Listed below are our undyed mulches:​
  • Fresh Hardwood Bark
  • Premium Single Ground Bark
  • Double Ground Mulch
  • Premium Double Ground Bark
  • Premium Triple Ground Bark
  • Double Ground Hemlock
  • Playground Mulch


These are the same aged, double ground bark mulch (with the exception of vivid red) with just the right amount of dye added to give it that extra pop to highlight any landscape project.
  • Listed below are our dyed mulches:​
  • Vivid Red
  • Premium Black
  • Cherry Brown
  • Chocolate Brown